Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy Day Musings....

It's a gray, rainy day here in NYC (not good, because today is the kids' school carnival!)--hard to believe that summer is just around the corner. But it is, despite the chill in the air! I LOVE summer--everything about it. The heat, the freedom from regular schedules, the greenery everywhere.

But this time of year I always feel as if I have so much to do, so many loose ends to tie up, projects to work on, before I can truly relax and enjoy summer. Right now I'm tinkering with a YA paranormal manuscript that I've been working on for years, trying to get it ready for my agent to send out. I love this book--I probably had more fun writing it than anything else I've ever written--so I'd love to see it in print one day. It's just a matter of revising the heck out of it, which I've been doing for more than a year now, between other projects. I just finished copyedits for my Dec. '09 Harlequin NASCAR release, FORCE OF NATURE, and I'm trying to patient as I wait to see the cover art. I'm also batting ideas around in my head for my next Edwardian-set historical romance, trying to get the story to come together in my mind before I start writing it.

But there's also a lot to look forward to in the relaxing summer months. RWA Nationals are coming up soon--I'm really looking forward to that! All the LIT Ladies will be in attendance, and giving a workshop together on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. on author-initiated anthologies (if you're there at RWA, we hope you'll come!). It'll also be my first year to attend the annual Harlequin authors bash--can't wait!

Other summer plans include a trip to Florida to visit family and a few days at Universal Studios in Orlando, and now it looks like we'll also be taking a trip out to the Los Angeles area (one of my FAVORITE places to visit!!) in August--my 9 yr. old daughter is in a short, independent film and we just found out that the film was selected in the Short Film category for the Indie Fest independent film festival held annually in Anaheim, CA. It'll be our first chance to see the film on a 'big screen' and so I think we'll go and check it out!

So, what about you? Any summer plans? Vacations or conferences? Projects you're working on for the summer?


Cecile said...

Kristina ~ Congrats on the daughter being in the film!!! that is such a treat and tell your daughter congrats too!
Don't you love road trips!! Enjoy your vacations. And congrats on NASCAR book!

Summer plans... I will be doing a Stay-cation again this year. Hubby does not get vacation until next year. So, my daughter and I do things around our part of the state! We go to the zoo, a pottery shop, little towns that we have never been too to see what they have... things like that! I did this last year and she loved it; so I figured while she still likes to hang out with me (she is 15) I better take it!! We have fun together; she is my best friend!
Projects... we (daughter and I) start to plan our birthday parties... her bday is a week before mine... Oct 22 and mine is Oct 30. Annddd she will be "Sweet 16" this year... So... I am prayin to the time lord for time to slow down just a tad!

Barbara said...

Hi, Kristina!! I feel you about the weather today. It's kind of chilly, too. And of course I had to explain to my 6 year old why the "clouds are crying" as I drove her to school this morning, lol. I hope the weekend shows to be better.

About your YA novel...Besides Twilight, I don't think I've read any YA books! But if it does go to print I'll definitely read it.

Ooooh a workshop!! Looking forward to it ;)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Nice pic on a Friday many times is that now you've seen Star Trek?;)

WOOHOO on getting the NASCAR ms sent away! I watched the Dave Matthews concert this morning on the Plaza. I always wonder if I might see you LOL

I cannot beleive how quick the time is going! But it seems to me that happens almost the instant you walk out of high school.

Including present deadline of The MASTER & the MUSES, we're heading to Chicago over the 4th for a family reunion and then striking off on a road trip of historical America-Cleveland Rock & Roll museum, Niagra Falls, Gettysburg, Philly, and wind up in Washinton DC for a few days before the RWA Nationals.

We'll either have a great time or kill each other, remains to be seen;) But since I agreed NOT to bring the Parcheesi board, tensions have relaxed :))

I'm just hoping to go on the ghost walk tour of Gettysburg! I have an unusual obsesssion right now with the history and stories behind gravestones that is evolving into a brainstorm of a novel--we'll see where it goes.

Looking forward to a fun promo opp at RWA with Terry Kate, who does backseat interviews of authors from cars! She wants to have all three LIT ladies in the backseat to chat about our upcoming WINTER'S DESIRE anthology!! Should be lots of fun!


Genella deGrey said...

My Summer Wish/Must-do list:

1) I'd like to move into a new place so my son can start school NOT in the district in which we now live.

2) Find said new place.

3) Can I just go on a really long cruise and let someone else worry about it?

4) Dig heels in, suck it up, and do the job.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Well, just to be honest. I get motion sickness in warned! lol! I swear, I slept through every family car vacation because I was doped up on gravol!

Well me, I'm currently deep in deadlines and edits and copyedits. I swear I will NEVER have four books release in one year EVER again! lol!

Things should be realtively normal around here by the end of June. This will be the first year that I've had the summer off from writing and I'm planning on just sitting back and enjoying the time, my newly landscaped backyard and deck as well as the toppling mountains of books I have waiting for me.

we'll be doing something camping trips. Nothing rustic, we trailer with a 30ft trailer, this princess can't handle campground bathrooms and creepy crawlies! Eeek!

I'm looking forward to RWA. This will be my first time attending the Harlequin and NAL parties. I got my NAL invite in the mail today and was walking on air when I left the post office!!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing Kristi and Amanda again. We have such fun lounging on the bed chatting up plot lines and talking books. I miss that here, isolated in my home town. So I always look forward to that with them.

I'm hoping to convince anyone going to RWA who come by our blog to let us know so we can arrange a lunch or dinner or even just a drink!!

We're going to a couple of medieval faire events. My daughter is currently in her historical craze, which I'm happy to feed.

I'm also hoping to have time to try out some new recipes. Oh, did I mention I'm planning on seducing the hubby in our Moroccan inspired gazebo......:)

Happy Friday to everyone!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Cecile, a 'stay-cation' sounds fun! And much less stressful than traveling, actually. Enjoy! Oh, and a sweet-16 coming up for your daughter?! What fun!!

Barbara, there is SO much good stuff happening in YA--I truly think it's the most exciting, inventive market right now. I think I read more YA these days than I do adult novels. Weird, I know. But there's some really fun stuff out there!

Amanda, I'm up to six times seeing Star Trek. I'm considering never speaking to Charlotte again, since she refuses to see it despite my telling her she will love it, LOL!

Genella, good luck finding a new place! I think you DO need a cruise, though....

And Charlotte...ahem, I almost forgot. I'm not speaking to you. ;-)

Amanda McIntyre said...



Charlotte Featherstone said...

Kristina, you dissing me????
Wow, it's gonna be quiet in that hotel room in Washington! :)

Who knows, I might see it. My mom is a die hard Trekkie and I'd score BIG points with her if I took her...hmmm thinking here!!!

Amanda, we're replacing the digital camera after the 92lb golden retriever stepped on it!!!! Yeah, can you say in the dog house! lol! ONce we do, I'll snap a pic.

I wrote a rather tantalyzing scene for Velvet Haven outside, beneath that gazebo....most inspiring!
I have a major thing for those 'exotic' cultures!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

You BETTER think....or there'll be nothing but the sound of crickets chirping in that hotel room....

(how's that for a threat??)

I wouldn't be so mean, except I KNOW she'll love it!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Wow, sounds so cool! Indie film!

I doubt we get any where this summer between practices, camps, etc.....
I've already been so busy, it feels like the summer hasn't ended yet!

Have fun at RWA and Anaheim!

Dottie :)