Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wicked Wednesday --get LOST!

It's Wednesday here at LIT manor, and that usually means something fun to look at, right?! To me, Wednesday also means LOST--it's actually one of only two television shows that I watch religiously (the other is The Office). I don't think I've *ever* missed a single episode, and it always amazes me that they manage to keep viewers guessing and totally surprised as the seasons go on (for a while there, I was convinced it was because the writers were simply making it up as they went along!).

LOST gives us so many great classic character archetypes, the same types that populate those hot historicals we love so much. First, there's Jack, the ultimate true alpha hero. And by 'true,' I mean he's not one of those false alpha types that's really just a jerk. He's a leader. Smart. Effective. When he speaks, people listen. He takes care of 'his people.' He'll sacrifice his own happiness for those he cares about. Strong, silent, handsome. A doctor--a surgeon, actually--with hot tattoos! Yeah, Jack gets the job done.

And then there's Sawyer, the ultimate tortured bad boy. Yeah, he's done some *really* bad things (like killed someone--or tried to; I can't remember if he was successful or not!). But he thought the man was someone who had done horrible things to his family, leading to his family's ruin, his father's suicide. He felt he was 'avenging' his family. At times, when they've made his character seem too 'nice,' he then turns around and does something really bad again, just to remind us not to get too complacent about him. He's a bit of rake, too--a real rake, not a fake rake. He's passionate, funny, with the most remarkable self-deprecating wit (and I love it when he pulls his hair back and puts on his sexy reading glasses, LOL!). And if his barriers come down and he *does* come to care for you?? He's got your back. The scene a couple of seasons ago when the 'bad guys' had a gun to his head and we were sure they were about to kill him, he was protecting the woman that we *know* he loves (though he won't admit it) with what he thought was his last breath--I'm not sure I've ever been as terrified or upset or moved watching a TV show in my entire life. If they'd killed Sawyer.....nah, I don't even want to think about it.

And then there's Sayid. An 'outsider.' Misunderstood. Tough. He does what he has to do to survive, but deep inside he is man of strong honor, of loyalty. He's precise, capable, unswerving. Probably the one I'd most trust to 'have my back,' if truth be told. He's one bad-ass motherf&#er, but sexy as hell.

Well, just glancing at the length of each characters' paragraph above, you can probably see which character type intrigues me the most--Sawyer's got a *huge* paragraph there in the middle! But honestly, I love them all. They're all wickedly hot and gorgeous, and with all three on the same show....well, watching Lost is a no-brainer for me.

So, who's got your back? Which "wicked" LOST character archetype appeals to you the most? Which of these three would you most want to get stranded on a desert island with?

**Edited to add the video below--HILARIOUS! It's a compilation of Sawyer's 'nicknames' throughout the first three seasons. Classic!!**


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Awww! NO FAIR!!!! We can only pick ONE? So cruel, and Wicked Wed is all about being wicked so I'm picking all three, and sticking my tongue out at you! lol!

Ok, I confess, I have NEVER seen lost, but my mum and my sister in law watch it religiously and have tried to get me into it. One reason I don't get hooked on series like that is because I work nights, and lots of times I'd miss it and that'd just drive me nuts.
anyway, if I had to gun to my head and HAD to picke, I'd probably go with Sawyer because y'all know I"m such a sucker for the tortured bad boy! Now Sayid....he's a close second. I guess it'd depend. I really can't pick.
Can't I just be greedy?????

Charlotte Featherstone said...

sorry for the typos..literate author and all! Just waking up from nights and haven't had my caffeine fix. Really, I do know how to spell....

Amanda McIntyre said...

I havent spenat as much time this year as last, watching Lost, but no contest for me...Sawyer, hands down. I dont know if its his wit, those eyes, his wicked smile, the locks or the bod, but he has it ALL going on--and Im not really into the fair haired guys! I usually likes 'em dark and mysterious! But for him, I'd make an exception--him and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Speaking fo dark and brooding...where is that nobleman of ours?


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Yeah, choosing just one is a pretty impossible task, isn't it?!

I have to add a kudos to the show's producers, though--in a world of women being constantly exploited in the media, it's a nice change that they always manage to somehow work in a scene with a shirtless Sawyer into every episode.

There's just not as much for men to drool over--as far as women go, you've got Kate, Sun (who was in my hubby's high school graduating class, btw!), and now Juliette, all of whom are beautiful women, of course, but they don't even come *close* to the hotness trifecta of Jack/Sawyer/Sayid!

Amanda McIntyre said...

OMG!! That is so funny! He has the cutest set of dimples ever!!

I guess he reminds me a bit of Lord CM in his demeanor--certainly our noble man is more refined , but every bit as cocksure, to my way of thinkin!

Thanks for sharing that, Kristi!


Barbara said...

I don't watch Lost. Actually I have no control over the televisions in my house which may very well explain my addiction to reading, lol. But I choose..Jack, I believe it is? The first guy. I remember him from Party of Five. Yeah, back when I watched TV.

Jane said...

I love Jack. He's got a noble personality. I also loved how tender Sayid was when he was with Shannon. Sawyer calling Hurley "Rerun" is one of my favorite moments.

ranearia said...

It have to be Jack as I had such a crush on him when he was with Party of Five (still pretty hot)
But I think I watched just two eps of Lost, I usually watching the History channel or Discovery or with a good book

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Jane, you're exactly right--Jack is noble! That's precisely the word for him.

And I loved him in Party of Five. I was so confused when Lost first came on, because I kept thinking of Jack as "Charlie" (his PoF character's name) and yet there was a character on Lost named Charlie.

And something else that makes Matthew Fox even more appealing? The dude's smart. He went to Columbia. I think he played quarterback for Columbia's football team.

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Let's see if this video will embed....I actually *cried* watching this. I must be hormonal or something, LOL! But it's a very sexy (for TV!) love scene, and then the scene I mentioned where I truly thought they were going to kill Sawyer...

Okay, it won't embed; let's see if it'll take this link (you may have to copy and paste):

Amanda McIntyre said...

I remember that scene, Kristi. I thought he was a dead man too.


Jen said...

I don't need to even think about it - Sawyer. He's so hot I can barely concentrate on anything BUT him when he's on screen. I've got such a wicked crush on him, I named my new puppy Sawyer after my favorite LOST bad boy.

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Jen, a puppy named Sawyer?! That's so cute!! What kind of dog is he??

Yeah, is IS hard to concentrate on other characters when Sawyer's onscreen--he's definitely a scene-stealer.

I can't wait till next week's episode--looks like Kate and Sawyer will be reunited! Can't wait to see how that goes...

Jen said...

Sawyer is a black-and-tan Mini Dachshund. He's adorable and very energetic.

The reunion between Kate and Sawyer should be fabulous. Can't wait!