Friday, September 19, 2008

Torrid love scenes?

My dear, dear ladies,
I beg your forgiveness for this intrusion, but I am compelled to respond to this particular topic. It is ...after all, an area where I do have a measure of experience.

Ah, let me think back for a moment on the women who have impressed me most with their beguiling ways. Those who were able to capture my ardent attention and coddle it between the silky softness of their sweet...hands, at least for a time.

What of romance in the midst of such raw passion, you may ask? True, a man such as I, requires of my women (yes, I used a plural form-does it surprise you?) to be as eager as me to please. Be my match! Nay, do not give me the milk-toasty form from which I must drag every last ounce of passion. Let me drink deep of the woman whose passion overflows, rising to the top, overflowing in great waves of her pleasured sighs. Ah, there is passion!

Am I being too elusive? Let me state my position quite plainly, then.

Give me torrid, my good women. Give me cause for my blood to race, give me the chase for which I most happily pursue, for I know then that the prize is worth the effort of my quest and the capture all the sweeter.

But milord, you ask, "Shall this magical bliss, this euphoric haze of sensuality last forever?" I confess, I am a rogue, I do not deny it and my sweet ladies will tell you it is true. Ask no more of me than to worship you with all that I am.
For to that end I give myself freely, entirely, and without reservation!

You must forgive me now, such musings create the most delightful visions in my head and so I am off to find my companions and suggest a walk amid the bronzed hues of the autumn woods.
For who knows what passion we will find there!

Your most courteous & passionate rogue,
Lord C.M.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

what a rogue you are, Lord Craven Moore. I wonder if one of our editors would be persuaded to allow you to pen your memoirs....

A what a delightful tale of debauchery that would be!

amanda Mcintyre said...

My good woman,
and I say that with practised ease for I know so well my ladies here at the manor. Indeed good is too small of a word to describe you.

You might not find it quite so easy to coerce me into sharing my adventures in carnal bliss with the public eye.
Though there is a certain appeal , I do have the reputation of my ladies to upohold, one or two whose husbands might not understand the musings of passion when it calls.
Perhaps one day,should my ladies agree to assist in the endeavor, I may attempt to pen my memoirs.

For now, I am content to remain their devoted muse, their most ardent fan, and willing student or teacher, wherein research is concerned.

Your beloved servant~
Lord C.M.

Kristina Cook said...

I just love that naughty rogue!