Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Real-life Heroes

Here at the LIT blog, we do a fair amount of discussing our favorite fictional heroes--the ones who leap off the page and make our pulse leap or our heart wrench. There's even...yes, I admit it...a fair amount of appreciation expressed for their physical (albeit sometimes imaginary) attributes.

But let's talk a bit about those real-life heroes in our lives (or even the ones we *wish* were in our real lives). Occasionally my hubby does something that I deem 'hero worthy,' even if it's a small gesture. Like yesterday. I needed to go to the mall to buy a gift, and to pick up a few new things for the RWA conference next week. Unfortunately, my best friend and usual shopping buddy is out of town and I was complaining over breakfast that I'd have to go to the mall alone. So hubby takes the kids to day camp, comes home, and announces that he's staying home from work and going to the mall with me. I think that's pretty heroic! He actually sat around watching me try on clothes for hours.

And there have been other times, too--like the time I was pregnant with daughter #1 and desperately craving banana Popsicles, which apparently aren't all that common up north (but I grew up eating them in the south). So hubby jumped in the car and drove around the entire metro NYC area, looking for banana Popsicles. Unsuccessfully, I'm afraid, but the effort counts.

And I won't even go into all he did for me following my brain surgery almost 15 yrs. ago, before we were even married, stuff that included basically playing nursemaid and caretaker when my mom wasn't around.

In real life, I don't really need someone to save me from villains, or to defend my honor in a duel, or even to save me from wagging tongues at Almack's. But help me find a cute shirt to go with my white skirt? That I need. Feed my pregnancy cravings? Yep. Take the kids to a movie so I can have a few hours alone to write? You betcha.

So....here's to my hubby, my real-life hero, and to the little things that make me feel like a true heroine.

How about you? Any real-life hero stories to share? C'mon, let's give the real-life men in our lives some love!

*the pic above is my hubby many years ago, by the bust of James Joyce in St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland*


Anonymous said...

What a guy, Kristi!!!

Oh my hubby and my father are definitely my heroes!

My hubby cleans, does laundry and shops. He puts the kids to bed and will even try to cook on occassion (not really gourmet, lol, but he tries). I really couldn't have asked for a better man.

My dad--well, he's the go-to guy when you're feeling stressed. He always has a level head and always has the right answers. He's one of those people you just know would never steer you the wrong way. Plus, he's managed to stay married to my mom all these years. That's gotta count for something, lol.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I have a wonderful husband. Occasionally, he does something stupid, but then, so do I. He's really given up alot to help me in my writing career. A clean house and suppers come to mind! :)

I love how he just listens to me, and he understands my moods and fears.

I guess my hero would be my mum. She's shown me what it takes to me a woman of strength and integrity. She's been through a lot in her life, and she's alwasy shown such grace and kindness. I really admire her, and hope that I can instill the same in my own daughter!

Cool post, Kristi!!!!

Genella deGrey said...

Kristi - Your RLH is SWOONWORTHY!

My guy is always so supportive when it comes to my writing - he even insists on a celebration every time I take a tiny step forward. :D

Last week we were at taco night at our local Del Taco.

Outside, a homeless man appeared and was asking people for change.

Suddenly he bursts into the restaurant, screaming at the top of his lungs at an Asian man and his little daughter (about 7 or 8 years-old) things like, "I have a right to be in this country, YOU don't!" and "I fought in Nam!" and "I killed children!"

Now usually, when I hear someone, men in particular get upset, I flea the scene as fast as possible. Well, I was in a corner of the restaurant and there was no where for me to escape to. And, BTW, my five year-old was watching the scene with wide eyes, taking in everything that was transpiring - as all children that age do.

I froze. There was noting I could do. This @$$#0!e's tirade went on for a very LONG two or three minutes.

When he finally left, my RLH went up to the Asian man and said, "You have every right to be in this country. Don't listen to him, he's mad."

Yeah, I teared up.

I'm so crazy about that man . . .


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Awww, Genella--what a *great* story. You've definitely got a keeper.

flchen1 said...

Awww! I love hearing everyone's real-life heroes! My husband's a keeper, too. How can I fail to appreciate a man who willingly lets me sleep in and feeds the kids many mornings, and who does his best to bite his tongue about the piles of books and other stuff towering over our heads ;) I am blessed.